Wednesday, August 24, 2011

They Don't Call Me Bottom Line Erin For Noth'n

My friends call me Bottom Line Erin because I am know for saying things like, "Here's the bottom line friend of mine, if he is texting other girls he really isn't that in to you." or "Bottom line, this sh_t isn't getting done today." or "This is a great power point deck Bob but how does it impact the bottom line."

I do like to cut through the bull and it is this nature that has helped me tremendously in my career and sometimes very well in my personal life.  I can honestly say I didn't dick around with too many men who wasted my time.  I probably put up with more  bull from friends over the years but that all ended when I got married. 

In my personal life and my career I have had to learn to temper this attitude, soften it if you will, back it up with data, learn to be a little less focused so I actually hear my children when they are calling my name, things like that but I am getting this wonderful motivated feeling after reading some other bloggers this morning.

We just moved to a new state where the weather sucks and the scenery is lacking compared to where we lived before.  My husband made it clear that next summer we are going to go home and rent a house on the beach.  I am in total agreement.  So I have 10 months to improve how I feel about my body, how my body looks and my energy level so I can party it up on the beach next summer with my family.  

Other than tracking on the weight watchers site, writing this blog and my monthly focus I am not doing much else to improve things.  So here is the bottom line - September's monthly focus is exercise so I am going to do the couch to 5k program three days per week starting next week.  I am also going to do a weight lifting routine my trainer designed for me at my company gym twice a week.  October's monthly focus is healthy eating so I won't make any grand statements about food right now however I will continue following weight watchers in September and if in October food things need to be tweaked or tightened I will take that on in October.  Tomorrow I weigh-in so that will give me a great starting point for my upcoming activity blitz.  I will write about that tomorrow.

In the mean time let me rant about Weight Watchers for a minute.

I have done several versions of Weight Watchers.  I have tried to do other diets in combination with Weight Watchers.  As my good friend Sheri said about herself one time, I am a point counting savant.  I am also decent at counting calories when I want to.  Of all of the plans this current version of Weight Watchers, Weight Watchers Plus is the best.  A meeting leader told me she worked with her engineer husband to figure out the new formula and she said each points plus breaks down to about 40 calories.  On the last plan, each point was about 50 calories.  Being able to eat fruit at zero points is awesome.  I have learned in other programs that people don't usually get fat from eating tons of fruits and vegetables so I always cursed having to count points for fruit so I feel the new plan really fits what works for me and counts points/calories where it really counts - with your starches, fats and proteins.

You can now drink just about any zero calorie beverage and count it towards your consumption for the day but I stick to the old rules and only count water and herbal tea.  I might start sharing this part of my tracking and you will see days where it looks like I drank nothing, but all I did was drink Diet Coke all day, awesome, I know. 

I do believe taking a multi vitamin every day is a game changer.  I think it helps me feel more satisfied and energized.  So I think I will start sharing that part of my tracking too.  I feel a spreadsheet build coming on.

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That's all for now folks. 

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