Thursday, November 3, 2011

Dude, I Suck

I have not blogged in over two months.  I got busy at work, you know how it goes.  I will say, in my defense most blogs I read are written by women who either stay at home with their kids or work but don't have kids, I rarely seem to find a blogger who works full time and has two kids under 5.  I am not saying that these other women have more time on their hands it just kind of seems that way or perhaps, I am just looking for excuses. 

All that being said I was totally excited to see one of my favorite bloggers offering a workshop.  I figured if I am going to pay for her workshop I should at least have some up to date posts on my fledgling blog.

Also, my husband is currently unemployed.  He has toyed with the idea of creating his own blog.  He has started a site for all of his nature photography and concept for an apparel company so I actually think the workshop will be more beneficial for him.

Who knows; at least I posted today.  :)