Monday, August 15, 2011

Let's get it started in here....

Penelope Trunk told me to do this.  I swear she did, at this site  So today is my first blog.  I wish I had a really nice summary of what I want to blog about but I don't so here is the list:

Food, Losing Weight, Writing, the Human Resources profession, Business, Career, Personal Change, Parenting, TV, Movies, Hypothyroidism and all kinds of other stuff.  I read blogs about all of these things and every day I think, I could do this.

I suppose I feel some pressure because apparently as Julia/Julia tried to illustrate you are not a truly successful woman in America unless you are blogging about your life and get a book deal out of it.  You have to have or have had a career, kids, successful weight loss and/or conversion to veganism taken stunning pictures of it and written witty prose to go along with it, posted it to a blog, gotten comments, followers, ads and even free products to give away to your readers to even begin to feel like you are making it in the adult world that is really just a bunch of us trying to pretend we are not in high school any more. 

So all that being said I guess I am trying to fit in with the cool chics.  They are cool chics, the women who write the blogs I read and I would be wiling to bet they were not all cool in high school.

I hope someone reads this or maybe I hope no one does and I can just give up and get over my inflated sense of self, this tiny little fire in me, my personal inner Verruca Salt that tells me I deserve more, that I have a shining light to share with the world if I would just get off my ass and open up.

The basics about Erin:

I am 37 years old, married with two children under 4.  I am an HR Manager for a really big company.  I love my family fiercely (I know everyone feels that way but seriously people I have disowned family members to keep my children safe so I really mean fiercely.)  I like to cook, read, watch Mad Men and go on and on about how no one seems to know how to manage their career.  I have to write.  It is probably what I am most naturally good at, it is my gift.  I hate it.  It nags at me and I suppose I am here to do something about that.


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